Fall Program 2022/2023

Registration is Open 

Join us from 10-11am for an open house on Saturday or Sunday in Kenneth Hahn Park or Ernest E. Debs Park. Choose date and location below

Choose at date for our Open House below

Due to the high volume of interest for our school we now offer an open house to accommodate more families

Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Culver City at K. Hahn or

Millard Canyon

June 20 - July 15, Mo-Fr, 8:30-1:30

Price is $350 per the week

Week 1+2 : in Culver City is FULL

The Outdoor Classroom

Nature School LA

Welcome to Nature School LA Forest School! The Outdoor Classroom. We are passionate about providing children with opportunities to experience, explore and connect with the natural environment in Los Angeles' beautiful parks and natural habitats. Here children learn at their own pace inspired by the wonder of nature and their friends. They develop deep relationships with their peers and the environment, while growing to be independent and kind leaders. The everyday little challenges foster problem solving skills, endurance, self-direction and cooperation. Exploring new paths cultivate curiosity, flexibility, courage, and comradeship. Nature School LA understands the importance of standard-based learning. Therefore, our pedagogy consists of an immersive program that includes academic standards presented in a nature based environment so students can receive more open ended opportunities for learning. 


Forest School


We go on hikes, cross creeks, feel the warm sun and cool rain, jump in puddles, pick up rollie-pollies, eat food we foraged on our journey, observe turtles, ducks and fish, many bugs and butterflies and their homes. We laugh together and support each other. We share meals and have good conversations. We make friends with people and animals. We are aware of our environment and the impact we have on the ecosystem, we are gentle with everything we come in contact with. We run in wide fields, we slide on pine needles and tree stumps, we jump off rocks, climb trees, build huts, collect sticks and rocks in all shapes and sizes, we craft, draw, write, and make maps. We look out for one another and ask for help. All of this is possible during unstructured play. 


Fall Program

Experiencing the Seasons in LA 

West-Side, Culver City Area

Ages:3-9 years

West-Side, Culver City

Fall Program

Experiencing the Seasons in LA 

Ernest E. Debs Park

Ages:3-9 years

Ernest E. Debs Park

The Book of Nature

is written with
mathematical Symbols. 

Galileo Galilei

We build a gnome home. _#natureschoolla

We offer a year-round

Outdoor Program

Ages 3y - 9y.

Our goal is to connect children to the natural world through hikes, unstructured play, direct engagement that is child-lead and teacher inspired.

Being in the natural world allows children to build a life-long-lasting relationship with


A place they will always hold dear in their hearts and often revisit as Adults.

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