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What happened to childhood?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020


The wonder of exploring the world through our five senses

In our busy lives we forget the importance to stop and be present. What do we actually see? What do we actually hear? Do we stop to smell the flowers on our way home or even talk about their names with our children?

Most people agree that the modern days differ from the old ones. The way children grow up has been influenced by screen exposure varying from smart phones over tablets to laptops and TVs. Screens have become a great deal in our lives.

You might wonder, what is the difference between me and my child using the phone? It all boils down to the developing mind. A mind that is being created and shaped through the relationship it has with its environment and everything in it.

In a culture that is very cognitively oriented we need to re-discover the importance of using all our senses. Even though a child can identify a red tomato on a screen, it is by far not the same as holding one, smelling it, tasting it and comparing it to other tomatoes or even a variety of them. Here is where the magic happens. Children can now notice different sizes, shapes, ranges of colors, different smells and tastes.

Imagine kids were present for the whole process of creating a tomato. Preparing the soil, sprouting the seeds, planting them, watering them daily, watching the plant grow, noticing insects, seeing the blossoms turn into little green bulbs, observing the tomatoes grow from flower to fruit, waiting for them to be ripe and finally picking and eating them.

This involves more that just the sense of touch and hand-eye coordination to replicate knowledge. Let's do our children a favor and expose them to more of what life has to offer. There is a wide range and broad spectrum to be explored. And we as educators are by your side to unlock these doors and lift the veil to a holistic approach in education.

We are partners!

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