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I love the reflection at the end of the

At the end of the day we reflect on our experiences, draw/write what was important to us, draw maps, and write our name.

Flowers as #sensoryexperience we #looked

Flowers as a sensory experience. After tasting, smelling and looking closely at them, we added them to our water and it tasted amazing.

Following the leader

Following the leader! We know children learn by observing and imitating other's behavior. Our children acquire great leadership skills as they understand they lead by example.


Constructing letters, spelling words

Listen • Think • Speak

Thoughts and conversations in nature


Now-a-days perception of trees is that they are living-feeling beings

Constructing numbers

Constructing numbers with sticks

Peaceful environment

Green leaves have a calming effect on us.


Sorting by object, grouping materials of the same kind


Arranging seeds into a shape


Organizing seeds into a repetitive pattern

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